Ubuntu Binaries

SpectMorph 0.6.1 for Ubuntu 20.04 or newer - 64bit

Arch Linux

SpectMorph packages for Arch Linux are available.

Generic Linux 64bit Plugins

SpectMorph 0.6.1 Generic Linux 64bit

These statically linked binaries should run on any somewhat recent 64bit linux system (2020 or later). To install, extract the archive and run the in the extracted folder as user. The plugins will install into your user CLAP, LV2, and VST directory in your home directory.

Windows Binaries

SpectMorph 0.6.1 for Windows - 64bit

Unfortunately I didn't figure out yet how to create a signed installer, so you may get a security warning when trying to run this, which can be overridden manually (sorry for any inconvenience).

macOS Binaries

SpectMorph 0.6.1 for macOS - 64bit

You need at least macOS 10.15 to use the plugin (x86_64) or macOS 11 (Apple Silicon).

Source code

spectmorph-0.6.1.tar.bz2 contains the source code (should compile on almost any linux distribution) and includes the standard instrument set.

Bleeding edge

The development repository on GitHub has the latest version of SpectMorph.

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