Documentation - SpectMorph 0.4.1

The essential documentation that you should read in any case is Besides written documentation, a good first impression of how to use SpectMorph can be obtained from our If you are interested in building your own instruments, all tools that are used to build the standard instruments are shipped with SpectMorph on Linux. If you want to get started, checkout the example instrument on GitHub.

Diplomarbeit (Master Thesis)

SpectMorph is documented with many details in my Diplomarbeit (Master Thesis) at University Hamburg, with the title
  • "Morphing der Klangfarbe von Musikinstrumenten durch Spektralmodellierung"
  • "Morphing the timbre of musical instruments by spectral modelling"

Advanced Documentation - SpectMorph 0.4.1

Advanced documentation is available for the man pages of the programs that SpectMorph provides:

  • smenc - program to build SpectMorph models
  • sminspector - program to visualize contents of SpectMorph instruments
  • sminstbuilder - meta script to build .smset instruments
  • smjack - SpectMorph JACK Client
  • smplay - program to play SpectMorph models
  • smsfimport - program to import SoundFont presets
  • smstrip - program to remove non-essential information from models
  • smtool - tool to show/change SpectMorph data from .sm/.smset files
  • smwavset - program to manage multi wave instruments
And the API Documentation of the C++ Classes SpectMorph consists of.
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